Call of Duty: Warzone Contraband Contracts Guide

Struggling with Call of Duty: Warzone Contraband Contracts? This guide will walk you through what they are, how to find them, and how to complete them.

As part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Season 4 update, its battle royale component, Warzone, has gotten some new content, as well. One of the new additions is Warzone Contraband Contracts, which offer players a unique way to earn loot and goodies to help survive against the enemy. 

However, Warzone doesn't do a great job of explaining how the new contracts work. In our Contraband Contracts guide below, we'll explain what they are, how to initiate them, and how to complete them effectively.

Call of Duty: Warzone Contraband Contracts Guide

Accepting a Most Wanted contraband contract in Call of Duty Warzone.

What are Contraband Contracts?

Contraband Contracts are a new type of Contract in Call of Duty: Warzone. Specifically, they give you the chance to earn a new weapon blueprint by collecting the contraband and delivering it to the LZ. It's similar to delivering cash in the Plunder game mode. 

The blueprint will then be added to your list, giving you new weapon types to try out later on. These weapon blueprints are exclusive to Contraband Contracts, so if you want a new shiny weapon to show off to your friends, you'll need to complete these contracts. 

How to Find Contraband Contracts in Warzone

Contraband Contracts are marked with a blue icon with an arrow in Warzone.

Finding Contracts isn't too complicated, but you'll need to have some patience. Unfortunately, they only appear as random drops after completing a regular contract, so make sure you complete as many as possible.

In our first game in Season 4, we had to complete two contracts before a Contraband Contract appeared. After that, we completed four contracts and couldn't get one to spawn. In other words, it truly is random.

You'll be able to spot a Contraband Contract by an icon indicated by a blue arrow pointing up. It will appear as a blue box, so grab it to start the contract.

If you're having trouble, it's recommended to work with a team to complete the easier contracts like Scavenger Hunt and Recon. If you're really good at the game, you may be able to blow through the Bounty Hunter contracts, but those are far more skill-dependent. 

We had much better luck when the whole team was working towards completing contracts, as opposed to going solo. 

Keep in mind, other players can take you out and steal your Contraband Contract, and vice-versa. If you're an aggressive player, this might be the best way to go about obtaining one. 

How to Complete Warzone Contraband Contracts

You'll need to drop contraband contracts off at the helicopter after it lands at the LZ.

The hardest thing about Contraband Contracts is actually finding them. Once you've initiated the contract, you'll be tasked with delivering the contraband to the LZ, where a helicopter will land and collect it. Do it quickly, because other players can steal it from you.

Once you get to the LZ, you'll need to drop off the goods and wait for the chopper to arrive. Make sure you're in a safe place where you can not only watch the chopper, but also other enemies who may be scouting you out. When the chopper arrives, run up to the LZ and interact with it once more to acquire a sweet new blueprint.

You'll need to go back to the main menu to equip it, just like with other blueprints. 

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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