Microsoft Delaying Twitch Streaming May Be Good Idea Afterall

Microsoft can take cues from Sony pitfalls in Twitch streaming.

With both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 released, new details are emerging in the Twitch debate. Early reports indicated that Sony had pulled ahead of Microsoft on streaming. Perhaps hindsight is 20/20. Sony could be in possibly hot water with the Playroom.

New details have emerged in people using Playroom to stream inappropriate content live to viewers. One couple streamed their drinking alcoholic beverages. While this alone could be considered bad form, it only got worse once the woman had consumed enough alcohol to make herself unconscious live on Twitch.TV

What happened next is what could be the largest downfall of Sony's streaming service. The man bared his woman's breast live to his viewers. This was shown for approximately 15 minutes before the stream went dark. The blackout did not last long before the scene returned. The woman now was naked and unconscious before the PlayStation 4 camera for all the world to see.

While the Playroom has been a succesful medium for some to start their own shows with enough attention to get Sony executives attention, others have been reported to using the Playroom as the couple above, as well as displaying firearms and someone wearing a horse head and motor boating a woman's belly. While in itself those two things could be considered less distasteful than the couple's stream, in the wrong eyes it could be harmful.

Unfortunately, these streams could be broadcasted to children playing with their PlayStation 4. This could send parents into a meltdown that would be very bad for Sony's public relations. Playroom could end up being taken down if Sony finds it too much of a liability, at least until it can be fixed. It currently has no real parental controls.

With Microsoft having yet to release their own streaming service, they could use this news as a way to make sure their service is better once it has launched in 2014.

Published Nov. 24th 2013
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Maybe I don't understand Playroom, but I'm not sure how it'll affect Sony? This seems like more of an issue with Twitch streaming in general and people misusing that service.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    The difference is the app is maintained by Sony and not Twitch. Playroom doesn't just stream to Twitch but UStream as well, which leaves Sony to be the one at fault for not allowing users to establish parental controls for the app.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    I think a lot of the problem is parents just not really understanding the technology. When I was capturing footage for my video this morning I found quite a few streams of children using Playroom on twitch totally unsupervised. I'm sure in under 2 weeks we'll be seeing a CNN report of the potential danger lurking in your living room.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    That was a point made in the source article.

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