Battleborn will feature a Solo Campaign and Split Screen Co-op

Gearbox Software CEO assures PSX attendees that the PVP hero shooter will also come with a robust single-player experience.

During the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday, Gearbox revealed that Battleborn will come with a complete campaign mode which can be played solo or cooperatively with friends. 

Last year, the creators of the Borderlands series revealed their new hero shooter IP as primarily a PVP (player vs. player) experience. However, as Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford announced at the PlayStation-centric expo, Battleborn will be shipping with a solo campaign with optional cooperative split screen support. 

Since the start of this console generation, other multiplayer-focused games like Titanfall, Evolve, and the recent hit Star Wars: Battlefront, have been criticized by consumers and the press for their lack of single player-focused content. Unlike these games, Battleborn will allegedly contain a "huge campaign game" playable with all 25 featured heroes. 

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During the PSX keynote, Pitchford also announced a new playable hero exclusive to PS4 named Tony as well as a multiplayer beta for Battleborn launching early 2016. For more announcements from PSX, keep an eye on GameSkinny.


Published Dec. 6th 2015

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