Fallout 4 Hoax Creator Explains His Motivation

This was all a publicity stunt for some Fallout New Vegas fanfiction?!

Like it or not, DCHoaxer had the majority of the internet anticipating a Fallout 4 reveal with his TheSurvivor2299 teaser site. Thanks to the wonder of the Reddit AMA, that same internet was able to shout obscenities at the prick this weekend, as well as get some form of explanation.

So why in the name of Dog/God would anyone do this? The Survivor turns out to be a 56 page script that he's written as an intended DLC for Fallout: New Vegas. He used the hoax in hopes of getting his DLC made for the game... because we know that's the best way to make fans.

DCHoaxer claims to have spent $900 on the hoax and there's even a CG trailer coming for his proposed DLC. He also claims that there are still 87 sub pages on thesurvivor2299 that nobody has found yet. The original countdown to 12/11/13 was intended to end with this trailer, but was ended early after Bethesda contacted him. DCHoaxer wouldn't say what Bethesda actually discussed with him... but it was most likely a legal threat. 

He also tries to justify his actions as "forcing Bethesda into revealing Fallout 4 at VGX"... but we all saw how well that worked. His actions have also gained him no less than 14 death threats. 

I know I was personally fooled by the hoax. I think fans as a whole will now be much more skeptical towards any viral marketing teaser sites for games. He was bold enough to post an email address in the AMA, so start hiring those wasteland bounty hunters now. Also... The Tunnel Snakes do indeed rule. 

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Published Dec. 9th 2013
  • Steve Lawton
    It's crazy to me that he seems to be strong handing Bethesda into making DLC. When has attempting to force someone to do something ever worked?

    That's like saying you had sex with you high school crush (when you didn't) in the hopes of dating her in the future. I wonder what goes through peoples minds sometimes.

    Also; super sad this was a hoax.
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm super sad that this was all a hoax.

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