Killing Floor 2 New Manor Map Unveiled

Killing Floor 2 has a new map coming soon; called Manor, and it sure does have a creepy manor.

Killing Floor 2, the zed (zombie) wave defence gore fest game, has had a new map announced.

Manor is the name of the new map, and its mannerisms sure are creepy; which is perfect. Set atop of a Swiss cliff side, you have to enter to fight all manner of horrors (well zeds mostly) and you can choose not to go if you don't mind missing out on the money your being paid to clear it out.

Killing Floor 2 has been in Early Access for a few weeks, and Tripwire Interactive have been working on making new content for the game, from bosses to maps, characters to perks, even balancing of perks and bosses ("Beserker needs nerf, nerf Beserker" most of the community cries).

All images you see here are of the new map, tell me what you think of them.

I really like how just the images give me the creeps, and as it's on a cliff side there is really nowhere to run. I'm looking forward to scouring the halls of the Manor; for zeds and all manner of zombies found in Killing Floor 2.

Did I make enough manor/manner jokes? Probably one was too manny.

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Published May. 8th 2015

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