10 PS4 Virtual Reality Games to Play when PS VR Releases

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PlayStation VR, formerly known as Project Morpheus throughout development, is set to release October 13, 2016 with ambitions to change the landscape of videogaming for all. It'll open a new way to experience some of the craziest events imaginable -- from the most horrifying realities we never want to be in, to joyful competitions, and more.

Its price will be set at $399.99 right out the gate, with additional costs for the PS Camera and PS Move Controllers, and will have a handful of games launching alongside it. Whether you are looking for hype on the upcoming games, or trying to decide which VR game to by first, this slideshow will prove to be a great start. Check out 10 of the exciting games that will be releasing day one of the PS VR launch.

Published Sep. 20th 2016

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