Hyperkin's SmartBoy April Fool's joke is real

Back in April, Hyperkin previewed plans for the SmartBoy. Many thought it was an April Fool's joke. Apparently, it's real.

On May 31, Hyperkin "leaked" concept images of what many thought to be an April Fool's joke: the SmartBoy, a controller which would allow you to play original Gameboy carts on your Smartphone.

The very next day, Hyperkin revealed that the SmartBoy concept images were more of a test of the potential market for such an item. And given the responses, the SmartBoy would be going into full production.

SmartBoy iPhone 6

SmartBoy Android

The first protoype of the SmartBoy was revealed at E3 2015. According to Nintendolife, the SmartBoy acts as a ROM dumper, essentially copying the data of the game over to the phone. A GameBoy emulator was used in the demonstration.

SmartBoy Alpha Build

A significant question does remain: if Hyperkin is making this product, will Nintendo file a claim for copyright infringement? Nintendo has a history of doing so even for fan-made products, including a 3D printed Bulbasaur planter.  Only time will tell.

Published Jul. 4th 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    My question would be: why wouldn't Nintendo file a claim for copyright infringement? I'm already surprised that they haven't tried to file a cease and desist on all Nintendo emulation apps on the iPhone and Android. This is just taking it a step further, breaching Nintendo's rights as a developer and as a company as a whole. To me it's no different than if Apple or some other company just let a bunch of people create download apps for music and movies but let it slide since the app was "free" - you know, aside from the ads they run to make money off their "free" app.

    I can't help but feel that this is the result of an outdated copyright system. Makes me worried about anything I want to release in the future...

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