2K Reveals Debut Trailer for Burial at Sea Episode 2

Episode 2 is "coming soon," much to the delight of Bioshock followers.

In an industry where multiplayer downloadable content vastly outnumbers single-player expansions, Burial at Sea a breath of fresh air.

The DLC for Bioshock Infinite centers on Elizabeth, your helpful partner in Booker's award-winning quest. The first episode is already available and Episode 2 is "coming soon," as evidenced by this debut trailer.

If you're unfamiliar with these episodes, players return to Rapture, the setting of Bioshock 2. It's a fantastic example of an underwater utopia gone terribly wrong, and gamers loved that unparalleled atmosphere. In the freshly released trailer for the second Burial at Sea Episode, Elizabeth is in a dicey situation: She's about to be executed.

However, with the help of Booker telling her exactly what to say, she works out a deal. The Little Sisters appear to be part of the storyline as well; remember those creepy, seemingly possessed little girls? You had the option to save or harvest them in Bioshock 2 and in the new DLC, it seems we'll learn more about that unfortunate situation.

We need more single-player DLC

Not everyone adores multiplayer, you know. I know it's easiest to add a new map or a fresh weapon or outfit, and it's much more involved to add an expanded narrative. DLC like Burial at Sea and Left Behind (The Last Of Us) undoubtedly require more time and resources. Still, that's really the only thing that entices me to return to a game, especially one I've already completed.

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Published Jan. 28th 2014

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