ArcheAge Sharpwind Mines Dungeon Guide

A walkthrough of the Sharpwind Mines Dungeon with a 17 minute video playthrough at the end.

I've reached the first dungeon on the Elf and Nuian side, Sharpwind Mines. I've noticed a lot of first time members struggle with this dungeon, so I'm going to cover the entire run. The quest progression takes you straight to the dungeon if you're completing all of your quests. Otherwise it's a bit harder to find.

From the Sandcloud area, you'll want to head west. Looking at the map the entrance to the cave is just southwest of the words Sharpwind Plains. In the map I've posted, I've circled the dungeon entrance in red, and the cave entrance in blue. Just follow the cave around to get to the dungeon entrance.

There are a few things of note prior to the last 2 bosses. When the bridge collapses, around 10-20 slimes spawn. These slimes die relatively fast, so just kill them with AoE attacks. After you kill them, interact with the nodes on the ground to flood the hole so you can advance.

There are a few trash enemies, don't pull too many as they'll chain their status debuffs and cause your group to wipe. After clearing them you'll face two mini bosses. Nerta is the only one of note. She'll disappear several times during the fight and drop bombs on the party. Afterwards, you'll need to target her when she appears.

Once Nerta is dead, interact with the chest and then the lion head to open a side door. Once completed, you'll need to send one member through to collect a Powder Keg to clear the way to the next boss. Once the stone wall is broken, kill the enemies in your path until you reach the giant Golem boss.

Stonebrother Colossus:

This boss isn't really that hard. Not much to it except to stay behind him and try to avoid the falling rocks. If the boss hits you he'll do a lot of damage, so be wary of your positioning. Other than that make sure to keep your tank topped off and you're good to go.

Bloodhands Slayer Okape:

This is the tricky fight. This boss summons adds and tornadoes throughout the fight. Stay out of the tornadoes, as they apply a debuff that deals damage over time. When adds spawn, kill them with AoE attacks. Your more vulnerable members should pick up the shields they drop for a defensive buff. As long as you can accomplish these things, this fight wont give you any problems. It's just map awareness and positioning.

For a more visual breakdown of the dungeon, check out my most recent playthrough in the video below. For more tips, be sure to check my ArcheAge guide directory.

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Published May. 13th 2014

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