Fortnite Vending Machine Locations Guide for Patch 3.4

Can't find any good loot chests but have some resources to spare? Fortnite's vending machines now let you buy awesome weaponry directly -- and giving you the edge in your next battle royale. Check this guide for all the things you need to know about vending machines.

Fortnite's mid-week 3.4 patch just landed as we enter Week 7 of the battle royale's Season 3! As expected, a bunch of new content has entered the fray, from high explosives to a totally game-changing addition in vending machines.

Adding vending machines provides a way to pick up cool weapons when you get tired of hoping to find loot chests. More notably, vending machines also give your wood, metal, and brick resources another purpose besides just building walls and stairs in Fortnite's late game.

Following the "materials go in, loot comes out" mantra, vending machines will spur more players to harvest resources earlier if they want to get an edge on the competition by wielding miniguns and rocket launchers for example. 

Each vending machine features three different deals, with the specific weapon and rarity spawning at random at each location. A vending machine will slowly cycle through those three deals over time, but if you hit it with your pickaxe, it will switch to the next deal faster.

The prices for every weapons deal are always the same, however, with:

  • Common items going for 100 resources
  • Uncommon for 200
  • Rare for 300
  • Epic for 400
  • Legendary for 500

So for instance, you might find a killer rocket launcher for 500 wood, or a common pistol for 100 stone, and so on. It really is up to the luck of the draw. 

a pink vending machine outside Lonely Lodge in Fortnite Battle Royale Finding the vending machine in Lonely Lodge
(thanks to CosmosFTW for the screenshot)

Vending Machine Locations

Wondering where to find vending machines in Fortnite? Most of them are in the major landing locations you'd expect, although at this point, they seem to be conspicuously absent from Junk Junction, Flush Factory, and Snobby Shores. Nearly every other major location on the map has at least one vending machine, and some even have two or three vending machines clustered together. 

They usually aren't visible from the air and tend to be hidden under awnings, inside buildings, and so on, so you have to search for them even if you know the specific map grid coordinates. The map below compiles all the currently known vending machine locations.

These are just the vending machines that have been found by the community so far in the scant few hours the update has been live, however. It is entirely possible there are more vending machines out there, so if you've come across a vending machine location we don't have listed below, be sure to hit us up with a comment!

Here's a quick rundown of the best vending machine spots to check out to trade resources for a killer weapon:

  • The middle of Anarchy Acres
  • The building to the northwest of Anarchy Acres
  • The west and northeast sides of Loot Lake
  • The east side of Tomato Town
  • To the north and northwest of Wailing Woods
  • The east and south ends of Pleasant Park, as well as the road at the base of the hill to the west of Pleasant Park
  • The north and southwest edges of Tilted Towers
  • The middle of Greasy Grove
  • The complex on the road to the north of Greasy Grove (and west of Tilted Towers)
  • Two vending machines are close together at the northeast end of Retail Row
  • The top of Salty Springs
  • The large hill to the northwest of Fatal Fields
  • The northern end of Shifty Shafts
  • The west side of Lucky Landing at the far south end of the map

A large map showing all the current vending machine locations in Fortnite Fortnite Vending Machine Locations Map

Good luck finding them all and getting an awesome random weapon! Need more help moving up the rankings and getting to #1? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides below, including the latest weekly challenges:

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Published Apr. 9th 2018

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