Fortnite Finally Gets a Blue Pump Shotgun in 3.4 Update

Is there a blue pump in Fortnite? Thanks to the spring 3.4 update, there sure is now! Read through to find out how to get this rare shotty.

The forums and sub-reddit have constantly been asking one question for months now: Is there a blue pump in Fortnite? While there hadn't been until now, a change in the recent Spring 3.4 update pulls this rare and sought-after shotgun out of fantasy and into reality!

Fornite Battle Royale Blue Pump Shotgun

While the amazing Guided Missile was the big weapon added in this week (perfect for going around defenses to take out a base), nestled within the Fortnite patch v3.4 note was this little tidbit that barely went noticed at first:

Adjusted rarity colors on Shotguns to more closely represent their effectiveness.

As it turns out, that rarity change resulted in some rare blue shotguns now appearing as loot chest or ground drops. It doesn't appear that the damage or ammo capacity has changed, however, as this was simply a change up in the rarity of the shotgun instead.

Coming upon a trove of goodies, including the blue pump shotgun Here's that "something blue" for your Fortnite wedding! (thanks to YouTuber Battle Royale for the screenshot)

More Patch 3.4 Changes

That rare blue pump isn't the only addition to this week's patch. The Egg Launcher has been added as a seasonal cosmetic change that replaces the standard Grenade Launcher, so if you miss the old Pumpkin Launcher from Halloween, now is your chance to get back in on more seasonal exploding shenanigans!

Besides the changes to the (currently much more popular) Battle Royale mode, a major tweak just came to Save The World mode that has players very, very happy -- sprinting no longer consumes energy.

That's huge for Ninja characters, as well as for anyone who was tired of trying to walk across those giant maps to get their quest objectives and still make it back to the base in time for the wave of enemies.

The full Fortnite 3.4 patch notes can be read over here, and be sure to stay tuned for our guides on the newly added Week 6 challenges arriving soon!

The brown shotguns that the blue pumps can replace in Fortnite's latest update 
Have fun racking up the kills with that rare blue pump!

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Published Mar. 30th 2018

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