Become A Real Life Pokemon Trainer With Google Maps

Google Maps are creating an opportunity to make one person's dream job a reality: a Pokemon Trainer position has opened.

Yes, you heard right. 

Thanks to Google's participation and experimentation with augmented reality technology, your phone can be turned into a real life Pokedex just by updating your Google Maps software. In a recently released YouTube video, Google explains how to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a Pokemon Master:

The coolest April Fool's joke ever?

While the entire contest seems a little too close to April 1st to be an actual opportunity for employment, the Pokemon on your map are absolutely there. 

Once you update your maps software, you'll have access to 150 different Pokemon (unfortunately, not the original 150) to capture.

To become a Pokemon Master, all you have to do is "Press start," and tap the Pokemon you find on your application until you've caught them all! Your phone becomes your Pokedex, and everyone's childhood dream will officially be one step closer to reality thanks to Google. 

What actually happens when you catch all 150 is still a mystery, despite Google claiming a reward of employment, so start downloading soon because the software ends on April 2, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. PDT. 

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Published Mar. 31st 2014

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