Audiosurf 2 Finally Leaving Early Access This Month With New Tricks

Audiosurf is finally leaving Steam Early Access on May 26th.

The first Audiosurf was released all the way back in 2008, to much critical acclaim; players and critics loved it. It became one of the games which showed there was a market for indie games.

Audiosurf 2 released on Steam Early Access in October 2013, it was among the first games to use the system and was very bare-bone. The core concept of the game was there and the track generation from your music was there, but not much else. Now after about a year and a half Audiosurf 2 is getting a full release, on May 26th of this year.

What is Audiosurf?

Audiosurf is all about surfing along a multi-lane track, your goal is to hit the same colored bricks to fill up the bottom of the track, the more of the same color your collect the higher your score. The most exciting part of the game is that the tracks are generated based on the music you pick.

Audiosurf 2 adds to the music selection by allowing you to pick tracks from Soundcloud, and improves and deepens the song analysis system used to give the bigger moments of a track a... well, bigger moment.

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Published May. 7th 2015

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