The Top 20 Minecraft 1.13.1 Seeds for September 2018

Seed: 758702056548705405

Coordinates: -212, 256
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Sometimes you can find a top-tier shipwreck deep in the ocean. Fortunately, this time it's not too far away from the spawn point at coordinates -220, 70. These kinds of ships always have three excellent chests with such loot as:

  • 1x Bottle o' Enchanting
  • 5x lapis lazuli
  • 4x gold ingot
  • 5x gold nugget
  • 12x iron ingot
  • 17x iron nugget

As always, you will also reveal the hidden treasure map at coordinates 617, -263:

  • 2x diamond
  • 7x gold ingot
Published Sep. 1st 2018

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