EA rebalances Star Wars: Battlefront's Walker Assault to increase chances of Rebel victory

DICE has balanced Battlefront's Walker Assault map with added Walker vulnerabilities and a variety of weapons fixes.

The developer of Star Wars: Battlefront appears to have re-balanced the game's Walker Assault level to improve the chances of a Rebel victory.

After admitting that Walker Assault was unbalanced in favor of the Empire, EA's DICE stated that a rebalance would be implemented between the beta's end and the full release in November.

A few outlets including Eurogamer have tested the new Walker Assault level and say that the tweaks appear to have worked, with Rebel wins about as common as Imperial wins on the map.

Eurogamer also received an explanation from Star Wars: Battlefront designer Jamie Keen as to how DICE went about balancing the map:

"We have changed how the Walkers work...We've got weak points on them now, so it's not a question of turning them into a bullet sponge. There have been general balancing tweaks like the damage levels from various weapons, different ion bursts and what they do to the Walkers. It's not one specific area, it's across the board."

While some Battlefront gamers will appreciate the rebalance, a variety of commentators (including GameSkinny's Logan Moore), felt that the unbalanced nature of the Hoth map remained true to the source material from The Empire Strikes Back, and made occasional Rebel wins that much more satisfying.

Star Wars: Battlefront comes out on November 17th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Published Nov. 13th 2015
  • John_3109
    Weak spots on an AT-AT?...wtf? AT-AT's don't have weak spots. They just needed to give the rebels better spawn positions, lock Empire out of Rebel Turrets, and give players (maybe just rebels) option to spawn directly in a vehicle.

    But no, let's give the AT-AT flashing orange parts ala Lost Planet. EA LOGIC. Fuck this game. It's a snowballing mess, no pun intended.
  • Michael Falero
    Featured Contributor
    It's definitely true that a weak spot on the underside of the AT-AT isn't exactly canonically correct. Not all the details about that map's changes have been released, it'll be interesting to see if they tweak spawn points or Turrets at all too.

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