54 Indie Games Collaborate to Create Playing Card Deck

Video Game Playing Cards is a poker deck featuring 52 cards and two jokers. Each card features a different indie game with licensed video game art.

Not every video game would make a great board game or card game, but just about every video game would look good in a card deck. Video Game Playing Cards takes us 54 games closer to having every video game in a card deck by featuring 54 indie games (52 cards plus two jokers).

Launching Wednesday, Jan. 24 on Kickstarter, Video Game Playing Cards is a playing card deck featuring licensed video game art. Each card is a different game and exclusive to Kickstarter backers. One deck costs $19, including shipping. The cards are expected to ship in March 2018.

Indie video games in poker deck

The deck features popular indie titles such as The Sexy Brutale, The Last DoorAragami, The Count Lucanor, and more. Prospective buyers can view all 54 cards on the Kickstarter page or the Video Games Playing Cards website. The main website also includes links to each game's Steam page and each game developer's website and Twitter page.

Each card does feature licensed art from the game. The CEO of JanduSoft, creators of Video Games Playing Cards and the development studio behind Caveman Warriors (one of the 54 cards), came up with the idea as a way to showcase some of the games they've come across at events. After working extensively with various studios to secure the art licensing, the poker deck idea became a reality.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until Feb. 23. As of this writing, the campaign is already at $3,118 of its initial $2,500 goal.

Published Jan. 25th 2018

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