Sony Reveals More Details On Clubs and Challenges In DriveClub

Sony gives some details on how clubs will work in DriveClub.

For the past few days, new info about DriveClub has been coming in steadily. Now, Sony has given us details on how Clubs and Challenges will work.

Rising up to Fame

DriveClub lives up to its name, as players will form clubs with other players. They are able to choose a club name, colors, and logo. They also choose how they play, and this affects the rest of the team. Everything a players does will benefit the rest of the team.

As you complete challenges and achieve goals, you will receive accolades. Challenges include beating rivals, not crashing, and completing races. This will boost your club's reputation and increase the club's Fame, which measures the club's success. The more members that you have on your team, the faster you will gain accolades. As this affects everyone on the team, more members on your team helps you rise up the ranks faster.

Challenge the world

Sony also gave details on challenges. There are unique challenges called face-offs. Every track is divided into sections, and there is more to a race than just completing the track first. DriveClub keeps performance data of all the competition, including friends, rivals, or your greatest nemesis. As you beat many of the challenges set on a track and beat out your rivals, you earn Fame for your team, and claim your place among all the other clubs. 

All tracks have sections, and players are able to set challenges to these sections. Say you just completed a difficult drift on a certain track. You are able to send that drift as a challenge for all of your friends and rivals to try to beat out your score. When you set up the challenge, you will be able to choose aspects of the challenge - including race type, time of day, weather, and the car you want everyone to use. Complete these unique challenges to earn Fame for your club and show up the competition. 

DriveClub will be available on October 7 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. While the game will be available for retail at $59.99, PS Plus subscribers will get the PS Plus Edition free. These players have thee option to upgrade to the whole game for $49.99.

Earlier this week, Sony revealed that PlayStation Plus members who paid to upgrade to the full game would only be able to play the game as long as they were PS Plus members. Sony has since reserved their policy, allowing gamers to play regardless of their PS Plus subscription status. 

Hopefully DriveClub will impress me

I was upset when DriveClub got delayed, as it was one of my most anticipated titles at the PlayStation 4 launch. I was even more upset when I found the game is no longer free through PS Plus. But I would be a liar if I said this game doesn't look good.

DriveClub is definitely a title that I will keep my eye on. The club system seems intriguing, and I will be forming a club for sure. This is the type of system I would like to see applied to other games, as it would probably encourage me to not play solo so much. Hopefully, this game will relieve my disappointment this fall and give me a game worth paying for. 

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Published May. 9th 2014
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