Apple Rejects Educational Game About Female Masturbation

Apple decides that a game looking to "remove the stigma of female masturbation" isn't appropriate for the App Store.

It seems that the Apple App Store passed up a perfectly good learning opportunity by rejecting HappyPlayTime, a game that teaches women how to masturbate. The game, described as "a sex education game whose aim is to eliminate the stigma around female masturbation," was rejected by Apple based on its concept. The game's creator Tina Gong goes into more detail on HappyPlayTime's official blog:

Today I got a solemn call from our reviewer who told me that HPT would not be allowed on the app store, even with a 17+ rating.

The reason given was that “the concept was not something that Apple wants to go forward with.”
I knew I was taking a chance with building the game natively but I was optimistic, as our app was created with a mission and with the best of intentions. The reviewer herself sounded sympathetic, but it seemed like it wasn’t something she could control.

Just so everyone is clear about the rejection, It’s not a technical issue. It’s content.

It's not too shocking that a body-positive game about masturbation would be rejected by Apple, but it's incredibly disappointing. The App Store isn't exactly shy about including games with sexual content, so what problem would they have with a game teaching healthy attitudes towards masturbation? In any case, the decision is final, so it looks like HappyPlayTime will have to look elsewhere.

How do you feel about Apple rejecting HappyPlayTime? Let us know in the comments.


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Published May. 17th 2014
  • Bradley Sanders
    I didnt know this was an issue but i understand why apple can't just let this stuff on the app store. It would be like opening the flood gates for tons of games just about sex and what not.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    The idea that there's a game out there called HappyPlayTime for this very reason means it MUST be owned just for the sake of it lol!
    I'm not surprised that Apple rejected it though.
  • Kitten Mother
    ...why the heck would I want a game about masturbation? There are plenty of other ways to teach how to properly masturbate...why a game?
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    lol Hilarious. It's certainly nothing to get upset over. It's Apple. If they did approve it I would have been shocked.

    A game about masturbation and you're surprised it got denied? lol
  • WesleyG
    Like I said, I'm not surprised at all, but I'm a little disappointed. I mean, the App Store isn't exactly new to the idea of sexual content and this was looking to educate. The game creator says it's to erase the stigma of masturbation, but I can also see plenty of guys downloading it to learn a few things to help out their woman. Everybody wins with it. Nobody wins with "Sexy Strip Poker 3D".
  • Death Metal Hero
    Wow...I had no idea that this was such a touchy subject.
  • WesleyG
    ...Not sure if pun....

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