Titanfall Cheaters, It's On!

Respawn Entertainment has announced that Titanfall cheaters will be pinned against other cheaters.

Developer Respawn has announced that they're enforcing bans for those caught cheating on the PC version of their multiplayer shooter Titanfall. They're using the anti-cheat engine FairFight to filter out the cheaters. The developer will tweak the algorithm to nail more cheaters over time.

"Hopefully, the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck," Respawn said.

What does that mean?

It means that if you're caught cheating and end up banned, you'll still get to play Titanfall--the difference is that you'll be regulated to a server pool filled with other cheaters. Respawn is calling it the "Wimbledon of Aimbot Contests." Pretty funny actually. Don't know if you're banned? If you see the image above on your screen, then you know.

If you happen to be a Titanfall-banned player who joins a party of non-banned players, everyone in the party is treated as a banned player for that specific game session. So for all you straight and narrow players out there, don't invite your cheater friends to play or it's going to suck for you.

"If you're a non-cheater and invite a cheater friend into a party, you will be stuck playing against cheaters. If you stop inviting your cheater friend, you will once again get to play with the non-cheater population," Respawn stated. "You do not get permanently tainted just by playing with a cheater--you are only banned for cheating if you are actually cheating."

This is good news for the kosher players like myself who do know that one friend who's an ass for cheating. At least now we'll think twice before inviting them to play and it may end up getting them to stop cheating altogether. That could end up a win-win situation for everyone.

For those who believe they've been banned unfairly, Respawn says that you can contact their anti-cheat department at anticheat@respawn.com.

We're still waiting for word on how Respawn will address cheating on Xbox One. It'll also be interesting to see what happens once Titanfall launches on Xbox 360 on April 8th.

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Published Mar. 27th 2014
  • Brian S
    Featured Correspondent
    Max Payne 3 does a similar thing in multiplayer, and I thought it was brilliant. I don't know how other games handle it, but I hope this trend continues. If not for letting users play the game they bought, then at least for the comedy of cheaters yelling about how other cheaters have better aimbots than they do.
  • Ryu Sheng
    I've no problem with cheaters so long as they stay in single player. Cheaters in MP deserve everything the get.

    It comes down to play style, time and choice. No one has a right to judge another when they're playing a single player game. Who cares if they cheat? It dosen't effect you.

    However when they cheat in MP games it's a different matter since their cheating directly impacts everyone else, which is very wrong and should be stamped out IMO
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    I've never understood the desire to cheat myself. It never gave me any satisfaction whatsoever and totally ruins the experience, as they're no challenge anymore.

    I don't mind power-leveling my characters to annihilate enemies, but that at least takes some effort. ;)
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    I never saw the point in cheating either. It takes the fun out of it and I couldn't get a sense of accomplishment from it. Some people don't seem to care and now, they'll pay for it in Cheater Hell.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    That's genius. Let them keep playing but in a cheater hell whole, so perfect.

    Cheaters are so worthless. I never understood the point of playing a competitive game and winning by cheating. Your performance and the win mean absolutely nothing to anyone if you cheat. Literally no point.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    I think it's brilliant as well.

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