Cafe & Dragon-Raising Sim Little Dragons Cafe Out This Friday

Little Dragons Cafe is swooping its way to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America this Friday.

Harvest Moon fans may have something unexpected to look forward to this week! Series creator Yasuhiro Wada's new game Little Dragons Cafe is launching in North America for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on Friday, August 24.

Little Dragons Cafe is a game separated from its producer's legacy by only two steps. In lieu of farming, integrating into a village, and getting married like you would in Harvest Moon, you instead run the day to day in a cafe, gather ingredients to cook, and raise a newly-hatched dragon into adulthood.

Despite its entirely different premise, Little Dragons Cafe maintains the look and feel one would hope for out of one of the series Wada is best known for. Each day is spent balancing your time between gathering ingredients from the surrounding area and helping your employees at the cafe, rather than farming and socializing as you would in Harvest Moon. It's less hectic than it sounds.

It's not completely fair to continue to compare the classic series with this brand new game, but if you're a fan of one you will surely be a fan of the other. I can tell you that from experience.

Little Dragons Cafe may look a little alien, but anyone familiar with the farming RPG genre can slip into this little gem with ease. Look out for our review a full day before Friday's release, and rev up that wallet for TOYBOY's latest gaming foray.

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Published Aug. 20th 2018

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