EA Announces Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Release Date, Improvements

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition releases in May 2021 with a galaxy full of improvements across the board.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition releases May 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, with free next-gen upgrades at some point later on. According to IGN, there are no plans as of now to bring the Legendary Edition to PS5 or Xbox Series X|S in a "dedicated" way.

EA made the announcement alongside a new ME: Legendary Edition trailer and, courtesy of Video Games Chronicle, a list of what players can expect from the remasters.

The remaster collection comes with more than 40 pieces of DLC, including story DLC and promotional weapons, and Mass Effect 3's extended cut ending DLC with additional epilogues. It will not include Mass Effect multiplayer, however.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is more than a standard remaster, despite still running on Unreal Engine 3.

In addition to 60fps support on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and next-gen systems, EA said the Legendary Edition includes "tens of thousands" of improved textures, as well as improved lighting, shaders, and models. 


Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 3's "Femshep" is playable in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, and all three games have expanded customization options. Class-based weapon restrictions are no more, enemy AI gets a boost, there are more autosave points, and control schemes are streamlined across all three games.

Legendary Edition developers worked the trilogy's combat improvements back through the older games. All this is most noticeable in the original Mass Effect, which saw several of its environments and wonkier gameplay mechanics overhauled. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases May 14, but it's not the only Mass Effect in store. Late in 2020, BioWare teased a brand-new Mass Effect from a "veteran" development team.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]


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Published Feb. 2nd 2021

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