Ragnarok Online Spiritual Successor Project R1 Given a Name

Project R1 isn't dead yet, and it's got a new name!

Project R1 has been entirely under the radar since its first reveal in 2011, with literally no information having been leaked in the two year period since its reveal. That time of silence is over, but in a small way.

Developer IMC Games has announced Project R1's official title: Tree of Savior. This game is particularly notable because Hakkyu Kim is developing this game to be the spiritual successor to the original Ragnarok Online, which he played a huge part in developing.

Ragnarok Online 2 =/= Ragnarok

Those of you wondering what went wrong in the transition between Ragnarok Online and its sequel can look at the change in development teams as the reason for Ragnarok Online 2 turning out the way it did. While Gravity owns the Ragnarok Online IP, the development team moved on long ago.

Hakkyu Kim was also behind the unique "one person controls three characters" style of Granado Espada (Sword of the New World), and he is currently working on WolfKnights Online alongside Tree of Savior.

Though we are currently in the dark over the status of Tree of Savior, it is comforting to see the game has not dropped off of Hakkyu Kim's development to-do list. Skip around in the video below to get an idea as to why this is considered Ragnarok Online's spiritual successor and check out this giant piece of art.

(Via MMO Culture)

Published Aug. 13th 2013
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    very good to hear! looks good just from the small info.

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