Flappy Bird Creator Plans to Remove Game from App Store

Flappy Bird is finally going down for good.

Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, tweeted today that he will be taking the popular game down from all app stores within 22 hours.

He clarified that his decision to pull the game is “not anything related to legal issues,” and that he has no interest in selling the game.

Nguyen has been pretty open about his feelings towards the success of his game. Through Twitter he has claimed that all the recent attention has ruined his life. “Please give me peace,” he tweeted earlier this week.

In an interview with The Verge earlier this week, Nguyen revealed that he was making $50K a day off the app, but it seems that the money does not outweigh the intrusive attention. 

Whether you love or hate or love-to-hate Flappy Bird, there’s no denying that this decision is pretty unprecedented. 

The game is currently still available, so download it while you can. 

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Published Feb. 8th 2014

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