Life is Strange developers divulge more info on Vampyr

Dontnod has revealed some new information regarding their next project; Vampyr

Life is Strange has been a runaway hit this year and has generated a great amount of publicity. The developers behind the game have now revealed more details about their next project, Vampyr.

PlayStation Blog has been speaking to Phillip Moreau, Director of Life is Strange to get additional info. Set in London right after the first World War, Vampyr puts you in the shoes of an actual vampire; go figure. You get turned right at the start of the game and from the new concept art below you can see it has a very eerie, gothic, and dark feel to it.

The reason for the surgical masks is because the game is also set around the same time as the outbreak of the Spanish Flu.

"We wanted to tell a truly gothic story about vampires – a far cry from the glittery vampires you see on TV and in movies nowadays."

Moreau has described the game as "an action RPG with tight, visceral combat mechanics, exploration, and investigation" where "you’ll have to collect many clues, and talk to many people as you prowl the streets of London." 

The combat of the game seems to be under close supervision and Dontnod doesn't want to reveal too much yet, but they have said "there’s more to the combat."  

Something that definitely piqued my interest is the way they are treating your decisions as a vampire. Whilst exploring the streets of London, you can pick any target you like but "each kill will have consequences on the fragile streets of London". Moreau also went on to say that "they’ll have an effect on the story, often immediately, and in the long-run."

Essentially, this gives you the choice of being a good vampire or a totally badass vampire. You will be playing as a doctor called Jonathan Reid who comes from the belief that the supernatural does not exist; so being turned into a vampire really doesn't sit well with him.

What do you think about these new details for the game? Has the new concept art got you excited? Let me know in the comments below!


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Published Dec. 3rd 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    So Dontnod Entertainment was founded by mostly by ex-EA, and Ubisoft staff. They made Remember Me, a game which was refused publication by almost all publishers except Capcom. Due to it having a female lead, publishers wanted a male lead. It's a flawed game no doubt, with ok reviews, but it did so very much right. It brought us a compelling female lead character, who is human, not eye candy. It made Dontnod a development team that I respect, and I only respect Rockstar (less recently with microtransactions and only the online DLC stuff) and then CD Projekt in general (so CD Projekt Red being the dev team).

    Dontnod then made Life is Strange, a game about an 18 year old photography student who can turn back time. They made a game about time, which didn't turn into a mess, it was coherent (mostly). Again with a very human female lead. It was a game which literally brought me to tears, for reasons I won't go into in comments but it affected me badly. Which is a positive for the game, even if it made me feel a bit crap for a week or two.

    I don't think Dontnod only make great games, they innovate in spaces which lack creative input, or have become stale. So right rambling over...

    The reason I said all that, simply Dontnod making a vampire game excites me. It's a genre that, in general media at least, is over saturated. It's become stale, boring, and stupid. Vampyr has my attention, and I trust Dontnod to do a good job with it. I'm excited to see what the game brings to the table. Where it's creativity lies. Will Dontnod work on making the mechanics something unique, or will they work on the world? Will it be all about a character, or the vampire mythos? Will it... blah blah blah... yer I'll shut up now. :D

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