Microsoft and Team Dakota's "Project Spark" scheduled for October release

Project Spark scheduled for October release for PC and XBOX One

In an official announcement Tuesday afternoon, it was revealed that the long-awaited Microsoft Studios and Team Dakota collaboration, ProjectSpark, will be receiving a PC and XBOX One release on October 7th in North America, October 9th in Asia-Pacific countries, and October 10th in Europe. The company also announced that the game would eventually be available for XBOX 360, but the date for that release is not yet clear.

The game, which has been available for beta testing since March, allows players to build and share their own worlds in a LittleBigPlanet-like fashion.

The Project Spark Starter Pack is expected to retail at $39.99, and will include premium content that includes the first episode in the game’s adventure campaign along with the game’s first sci-fi pack, “Galaxies: First Contact.” Those who have been participating in the game’s beta testing will be able to retain their creations and will simply be receiving an upgrade to their current versions. The announcement also notes that there will be additional expansions scheduled, which will come equipped with even more premium content.

The game’s beta version remains available for download for XBOX One and Windows 8.1.


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Published Jul. 12th 2014

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