Half Life 2 is Coming to the NVIDIA Shield Game Console

Half Life 2 is coming to the NVIDIA Shield handheld game console, after selling over 12 million copies for the PC and Xbox, and garnering over 35 Game of the Year awards in 2005.

Valve just announced their popular and entertaining video game Half Life 2 is coming to the NVIDIA Shield game console. This console is an Android platform, so this marks a real moment in history for both Valve and NVIDIA.

Half Life 2 is one of the most successful science fiction, first-person video games in history and in 2005 garnered over 35 Game of the Year awards. This version of Half Life 2 has a lot to live up to and hopefully it turns out just as good and popular for Value and NVIDIA. 

The Shield game console streams video games running on a computer running a GeForce GTX 650 or higher graphics card. It works okay and watching other gamers play is always entertaining. Half Life 2 should play well on the Shield game console and Android devices in general, but we'll have to wait for the reviews.http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/hl2.jpg

There was no mention of whether Half Life 2 will play on all Android platforms, or just the NVIDIA Shield game console. Since they didn't mention anything, it seems likely it's only being developed for the Shield at this time. Hopefully, they decide to take this video game to all Android platforms in the future.

If you have wanted to play Half Life 2, and have a NVIDIA Shield game console, this is your chance. Check it out. After all it was one of the most played games of its generation.


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Published May. 9th 2014
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    I had to leave the message in secret code for the perceptive to notice. Congratulations, you win.

  • Rothalack
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    To keep with gamer tradition.

    There are three paragraphs above the first image. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED! O.o

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