Extended Battlefront beta may have planned connection issues

Technical capacity tests mean beta participants may get kicked from games.

Stars Wars Battlefront open beta is the newest game from the franchise and its developer EA. Those of you enjoying the beta should be excited to find out the beta has been extended for another day! As we mentioned in our other post, Community Manager Matthew Everett took to the Battlefront forums to explain the cause of the extended beta and said:

"Every time you log on, it’s helping us ensure the experience is going to be great at launch. As we get into the late stages of the beta, we will begin conducting further technical tests on our infrastructure.

These additional tests will start on Monday, October 12 and will run thru Tuesday, October 13th, which will add an additional day to the open Beta."

These tests will cause some connection issues, which is to be expected as they usually do cause problems with gameplay. There are many ups and downs to building a game and having a testing period that results in a successful game is the goal. One goal that EA routinely has problems with, being the only gaming company to win the "Golden Poo Award," a community-voted award, more than once.

The Star Wars Battlefront open beta extension will run through to Tuesday, October 13th, check it out yourself here!

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Published Oct. 12th 2015

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