Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

Nearly everything has been overhauled, and it looks amazing.

Whether you love it or hate it, Call of Duty is one of the most popular franchises to date and the multiplayer experience is a huge reason for this. Today, Activision and Infinity Ward finally demoed the multiplayer portion of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Ghosts.

New Goodies for Everyone to Enjoy

The new video released during the live event plays Eminem's new song, "Survivor", and some words from the rap artist himself. The video showcases some new weapons, maps, and game modes. One featured weapon is seen shooting two grenades at once in two different directions. The maps are more unique than before with destructible environments that can be used against enemies.

Female soldierThere is more customization for the characters than ever before. Now you can choose exactly how your character looks like with over 20,000 customizations and for the first time ever, you can play as a woman. Dual-render scopes have been added to let you keep peripheral vision while scoping a target. Not only can you create one soldier, you can create squads of up to ten soldiers. Each soldier can prestige and keep everything.

Perks now involve having eight points. Each perk has four levels so you can either have eight perks, two perks fully upgraded, or any combination you want. Kill streaks got an overhaul by adding more ground-based kill streaks and taking away some air-based ones. Death streaks are also cut from the game.

Seriously, the trailer speaks for itself. Check it out for yourself.

Cranked and Squads Enter the Battlefield

Cranked is a new game mode where you kill and get boosted, but with a time limit catch. As the clock goes down, you get faster, and if you don't kill within that limit, you explode. Another new game mode is Squads. You can take your squads you've created and pit them against A.I. or other human players. Load-out decisions will determine how your squad plays. Squad versus squad mode is just you and your squad A.I. as teammates against other people's squads. Another game mode is a six-player co-op against A.I. or squads that other people have created.

The landscape of the multiplayer can change dramatically. Players can, for example, blow up a gas station or a wall for new line of sight options. There are player-made trap opportunities on the maps as well. Locations change many things within the game including weapon sounds and reactions to explostions. A main feature would be a building blowing up behind you, so watch out.

New movements were added, including, mantling, contextual leaning, and knee sliding. These new features can provide new game experiences and strategies, while aiming toward real-life movements.

Clan Fighting: Protect Your Territories!

Call of Duty Elite has added some upgrades. By making an account, you can take your characters, experience and everything no matter where you play. Full clan support is in Call of Duty: Ghosts as well. An app has been added where you can stay in contact with other clan members. Clan wars involves pitting clans against each other randomly and that changes every two weeks. Clans can take control of territories by winning. When this happens your clan can be targeted by all other clans out there, so keeping them will be difficult.

There has been a lot of information released today and Call of Duty: Ghosts is shaping up to be a fantastic multiplayer experience. For the full reveal event, visit their offical website here.

Published Aug. 14th 2013
  • MyNameIsProjekt
    The reveal has helped to get me a little more excited about CoD: Ghosts. I already had it pre-ordered but I knew that the game would probably be pretty solid, and I did see some things in the reveal that I like. The guns sound good overall and there looks like no shortage on the number of ways you can customize your playing experience. It will be interesting to see how Ghosts and Battlefield 4 stack up against each other when next-gen releases. Looking forward to both of them now.
  • Harry ;)
    There was no wow moment for me during the reveal. The best thing about the reveal was the new song.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I guess it wasn't so much as being wowed, but I do find a lot of the stuff being added or changed really interesting, mostly the character and squad creation and the clan matches. Plus, being able to change the landscape and use it as a weapon is pretty cool in my opinion.

    The song was great though, Eminem is my favorite artist.
  • inFocus7
    Featured Contributor
    CoD: Ghosts looks better than what I was expecting, since this time I can tell that they added more stuff to the game than keeping it pretty much the same as the past Call of Duty releases. And even though I was planning on getting Battlefield 4 first, now I can't decide since I also like fast paced action. (I still don't understand why people are saying that this CoD is the same as the others...)
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Yeah, I wasn't expecting to be blown away by the reveal but I was. They said at the beginning that they looked at every aspect of the game and worked on it. It shows in all the features and changes that was showcased during the reveal. I'm definitely going to be picking this one up.
  • inFocus7
    Featured Contributor
    Me too.. although it's probably going to be more slow paced than how it looked like in the reveal..

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