E3 2017: EA Predictions

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Let's be honest -- usually Electronic Arts has the most forgettable showcase at E3 every year. That's not to say the company's showcase is bad, it's just that one or more of the publishers tend to blow it out of the water.

Even when writing these E3 predictions lists, EA was the publisher I was least excited to get to. However, upon putting the list together, I realized how amazing this E3 could be for Electronic Arts.

Last year, EA released Battlefield 1, UFC 2, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Titanfall 2, Unravel, and its usual sports titles. This year, the company has published Mass Effect: Andromeda, which did not fare well critically. So EA has been doing pretty well since its last E3 presentation, and its upcoming roster of releases is looking even better. 

We'll probably see some Mass Effect DLC in this year's showcase, but what else can we expect? Let's find out!

Published Jun. 4th 2017

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