New Cuphead Platforming Stages!

Cuphead platforming revealed!

Ign just revealed a gameplay trailer for the platforming sections for Studio MDHR's upcoming game Cuphead, and it looks like a cross between traditional Mario and Mega Man platformers, with all of their difficulty.

Cuphead was originally just going to contain boss fights, however platforming sections were hinted at during PAX East back in April. The creators said they needed platforming sections to break up the continuous boss fights.  Even though the scope of the game has increased, Studio MDHR said Cuphead is still intended for a 2016 release for Xbox One and PC.  

Cuphead was first announced during E3 2014 with a trailer showcasing the game's plot and some gameplay elements. The game is inspired by 1930's animation akin to the works of Walt Disney. This is the first game by Studio MDHR. 

With E3 rapidly approaching, hopefully more information on Cuphead will be released soon.

(Video courtesy of Ign. Photo courtesy of Studio MDHR.)

Published Jun. 9th 2016

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