Super Mario Maker was originally a Mario Paint title

Super Mario Maker came out of Takashi Tezuka wanting to make a new Mario Paint game.

Before the idea of Super Mario Maker came to fruition, Nintendo was cooking up a new Mario Paint title.

For those not in the know, Mario Paint was an SNES title, and has received no follow-up game. However, with the Wii U's GamePad, a Mario Paint game could be a welcomed piece of software.

Intent on utilizing the Wii U GamePad, designer Takashi Tezuka told Time that eventually the team reached the point where they "wanted to take the Super Mario Bros. toolset that we use to create the levels, and we wanted to move that toolset over to the Wii U GamePad."

While a Mario Paint title would have been nice I, along with many others, have enjoyed Nintendo's decision to make Super Mario Maker.

Would you still want to see a Mario Paint game for Wii U? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out our coverage of Super Mario Maker, like this review!



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Published Sep. 12th 2015

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