Liam Neeson Takes Revenge In Awesome Clash Of Clans Super Bowl Ad

Liam Neeson makes a cameo appearance in Clash of Clans ad making it quite possibly the funniest Super Bowl commercial this year.

There is no question that advertisers will pull out all the stops when it comes to commercials for the Super Bowl. Developer Supercell decided to advertise their hit game Clash of Clans with a cameo appearance from Liam Neeson as his character from the Taken movie series.

The ad runs like any other Clash of Clans commercial with animated characters attacking a fortress, but at the end the camera pans away from the phone to Liam Neeson staring at the screen showing that his base has been destroyed.

Neeson has TAKEN to Clash of Clans, Apparently

The video then takes a dark turn with Neeson expressing his distaste for BigBuffetBoy85 that had just ransacked his base. Then is followed with a monologue similar to the threat he issued in the past Taken movies.

It's was quite hilarious to see this type of commercial being made as it is two completely different fields of media coming together to make a great commercial. This video will definitely be remembered as one of the best Super Bowl ads this year and I can't imagine how anyone will top this in the future. 

We will all have to remember though, when playing Clash of Clans, avoid AngryNeeson52 at all costs. It could cost you dearly.

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Published Feb. 2nd 2015

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