Big Team Battle coming to Halo 5

Andy Dudynsky announced what to expect from the November Halo 5 update.

Halo 5 has been out for just a little under two weeks and longtime fans of the series have been giving mixed reviews. Some fans say that 343 has essentially killed the Halo series with this game because the story is awful and the advertising leading up to the game was essentially all lies. On the other hand many players have been saying that even though the story mode is bad, the multiplayer more than makes up for it.

Fans of the multiplayer are in luck because 343 has announced that in the next update fan favorite “Big Team Battle” mode will be coming to Halo 5.  Andy "B is for Bravo" Dudynsky, the community manager for 343, announced this and more about the update on Halo Waypoint.

343 worked closely with five of the communities top forge map creators, Warholic, The Fated Fire, The Psycho Duck, Nokard and Ducain23 to create four new maps that have been based on classic maps.

Dudynsky also announced that along with Big Team Battle, new REQ content will be available. It looks like about 48 new REQ items will be made available when the update launches in just a little over a week. So start saving up your money to buy even more REQ points!

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Published Nov. 7th 2015

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