World War Z Bites Into Nintendo Switch This Fall

The Switch port of World War Z also gets a new trailer, mixing cinematics with gameplay.

Zombie decimation simulator World War Z (loosely based on the film very loosely based on the book) has garnered a dedicated following since it was released in 2019 for every major system except Nintendo Switch. But that's changing as the Switch port is finally rushing out of the darkness. 

Developer Saber Interactive, which has worked on many other ports, including the Switch version of The Witcher 3, revealed that World War Z will latch onto Nintendo's platform starting November 2.

The game will be available both physically and digitally for $39.99, with a Deluxe Edition for available for $49.99. That version will come with a weapons and skin pack, as well. The base game will take up 6.7GBs.

Despite the Switch's hardware limitations, in comparison to the other platforms on which the game can be played, the reveal trailer seen below is certainly impressive. Even if the gameplay portions are tucked inside a Switch cutout.

For anyone that missed World War Z when it first launched, it's a co-op shooter based on the World War Z film (technically not the World War Z book). Players use guns, explosives, and any other means necessary to shred and explode hordes of zombies either solo or with three other compatriots. 

As with most any multiplayer game at this point, there are competitive modes available, as well, with World War Z's PvPvZ modes pitting players against each other and the undead. 

That's not all of the zombie-slaying action coming from the franchise this fall, however. World War Z: Aftermath introduces new locations, new weapons, a first-person mode, and more. It launches on September 21, but not on Switch.

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Published Sep. 8th 2021

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