Every Video Game Halloween Event in October 2020

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War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween Special

War of the Visions is celebrating Halloween with two featured UR summons and a bucketful of rewards. Players can summon UR Little Leela and UR Rairyuu from now until November 10, both in Halloween attire with appropriate skills to match.

The Halloween Special also includes a Rewards From the Producer reward period from now until November 10. It features:

  • 2,000 Visiore
  • 20,000,000 Gil
  • 1 Rainbow Fragment of Thought
  • 3 Rainbow Vision Sphere
  • 50 Adamantite (Large)
  • 50 Burst Pot
  • 50 Armor Pot

In a separate update, new players who start the game get a 7-day free summon period where a UR summon is guaranteed.

From October 28 through Halloween, players can take advantage of 6-UR Guaranteed Step Up 10x Summon, which guarantees:

  • one UR unit or vision card on step 1
  • two UR units/vision cards on step 2
  • three UR units/vision cards on step 3

There's also a  5-step 10x Summon which guarantees a MR+ unit or vision card on steps 1-4 and UR “Exorcists” on step 5.

And there's even more, from daily login bonuses and Halloween Challenge Missions to a spoopy new Halloween-themed game icon.

Published Sep. 30th 2020

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