Every Video Game Halloween Event in October 2020

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PixARK Halloween

PixARK Halloween brings a spooky makeover to the survival game from now until November 2, with costumes and treats galore.

Things kick off at the main menu, which is getting a Halloween re-skin. The main attraction is the Pumpkin Soul Reaper though.

When you defeat the Pumpkin Soul Reaper, it might drop:

  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Magic Broom
  • Flying Firework
  • Clown Costume

The Firework and Broomstick only last seven days, but you have a slight chance of getting a permanent one from defeating Ancient Wyvern King, Beach Bully, and Aurora Butterfly King enemies.

Then there's candy grenades, Halloween decorations, a creepy scarecrow costume, and plenty of events to make the most out of the season.

[Source: Steam Community]

Published Sep. 30th 2020

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