Every Video Game Halloween Event in October 2020

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Hunt: Showdown Halloween Event

Hunt: Showdown has its first-ever Halloween event on now until November 4, with a gourd-full of ghoulish events and treats to earn.

Players earn Event Points for special equipment and other items by doing the following:

  • Destroying pumpkins scattered through the world 
  • Destroying the Butcher's pumpkin head 
  • Investigating a Halloween-themed Clue or Rift 
  • Destroying pumpkins mounted on scarecrows 

There's only so many Event Points you can earn each day, but using the special Halloween item Wormseed Shot increases the points earned by 25%.

1,000 Event Points are needed for all the event's special gear. Any points earned over that will be converted into Blood Bonds once the event ends.

Published Sep. 30th 2020

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