Street Fighter V's first EVO championship goes to Infiltration

EVO 2016 had 5,000 competitors for Street Fighter V and Team Razer's Infiltration conquered them all.

This Sunday, EVO 2016 came to a close with grand finals of Street Fighter V. The grand finals took place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center along the Las Vegas Strip. The area, packed to capacity at 12,000 attendees, set the largest stage for fighting games this year. And the winner of Street Fighter V's first EVO appearance was Team Razer's Infiltration.

Not one to be a stranger to tournaments, Lee "Infiltration" Sun Woo has been winning majors since the game's release. Prior to his win, he was ranked number one in the world as per the Capcom Pro Tour (and the fighting game community). This win further cements his position and momentum to win in December.

Lee's journey was not a simple task this past weekend. He was one among 5,000 competitors that signed on to play Street Fighter V. He proceeded to win victory after victory as he made his way to the top 8.

In the finals, he found himself up against fellow Team Razer player Ai "Fuudo" Keita using R. Mika. Coming from the loser's bracket, Infiltration won a first to 3 games twice. Both Infiltration and Fuudo displayed high-level knowledge of their respective characters.

In the end, Infiltration's Nash was able to respond to Fuudo's offensive tactics and capitalize to earn him the win. Fighting game fans can expect more from Infiltration and his fellow competitors next year


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Published Jul. 18th 2016

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