The absolute strangest simulators out there

Farming Simulator

This one brings up some big questions about what is defined as “gaming” and whether games should be inherently unrealistic to foster a sense of fun. I mean, why play a simulator of hard work that isn't any fun in real life?

The point of the FPS and RPG genres is that you specifically can't gun down hordes of enemies or cast magic spells in real life. They are an escape from hum-drum reality. On the other side of that coin, someone could play devil's advocate and bring up simulators like Guitar Hero, asking why a person would play a fake guitar when they could pick up a real one.

Despite all that cyclical reasoning with no clear cut answers, people seem to seriously love this series, as Farming Simulator 2015 has overwhelmingly positive reviews at Steam. The new 2017 is already in the works and is slated to land at the end of the year simultaneously on consoles and PC.

Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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