Gorgeous Zero Suit Samus Cosplay done by Vlada Lutsak

Vlada Lutsak shows off a beautifully designed Zero Suit Samus cosplay; right before the release of the official amiibo.

Popular cosplayer Vlada Lutsak pulled off a gorgeous Zero Suit Samus cosplay that resembles the Metroid concept art perfectly. Pulling off the powerful female character with justice, Vlada's cosplay represents what Samus is about; strength.

Perfecting timing for the amiibo

It's unknown if Vlada Lutsak knew the Zero Suit Samus amiibo was for pre-order at Target debuting on September 11th 2015, but her cosplay is coming to light just in time for the special amiibo release. The anticipation with the Samus amiibo release is expected to interact with the Super Smash Bros. game that is on the Wii U and 3DS. 

Aside from her cosplay resembling the Metroid game, it's an exact model to the Zero Suit Samus character in Super Smash Bros., including small details that the high-graphic game shows perfectly. Other spotlight cosplays

There are numerous other games that have cosplays representing them, but most recently was Amiko-chan's "Cosplaying from Below the Vault; Fallout gets real", giving an accurate representation to how a vault dweller's life would be. This also came in perfect time for the fall release of Fallout 4 that has been gaining a huge amount of hype. 

What do you think of Vlada's Zero Suit Samus cosplay? Do you think its a valid representation? Share your thoughts below on these cosplay gurus. 

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Published Sep. 3rd 2015

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