Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Unlock Extra Throwing Styles

Want to know how to change your throwing style in Pokemon Sun and Moon? This guide will show you how!

Ever wanted to change how your trainer throws in Pokemon at the start of battle? Well, now you can in Pokemon Sun and Moon! There are multiple styles you can choose from, but all of them must be unlocked. What's more, you also must go to a specific person when you want to change your throwing style. 

Here we'll go over all the different throwing styles available in Pokemon Sun and Moon, how to unlock them and where to change them.

How to Change Your Throwing Style

There is an NPC on Pokemon Sun and Moon's third island, Ula'ula, that will allow you to change how you throw your Poke Ball at the start of each battle.

  • You can find this NPC, who looks like an old man, in the Outer Cape, which is north of Malie City
  • Talk to the old man and he will allow you to change your throwing style, as well as see which other styles are available in the game.
  • He will also give you a hint on where to find these additional throwing styles.

pokemon sun and moon reverent style

Unfortunately, you cannot preview a throwing style, but luckily, you can test out your new throwing style almost immediately by going into the grass nearby. That way, you don't have to venture far to find out if you want to keep using your currently equipped throwing style or not. 

How to Unlock Throwing Styles

Below is a list of each throwing style and how to get them.

  • Normal - This is the default style you start with.
  • Elegant - When you talk to the NPC to unlock styles.
  • Girlish - Defeat Lana in Konikoni City on Akala Island.
    • You must go to her house and fight her little sister in the back room, then Lana will appear.
    • You can do this after you completed Lana's trial.
  • Reverent - This throw style is unlocked through different scenarios, depending on which version of Pokemon Sun and Moon you're playing.
    • Sun - Go to Kiawe's house -- the one with the Magmar inside -- at night after you have completed Kiawe's Trial.
      • You will find Kiawe upstairs. You must defeat him to unlock the style.
    • Moon - Go the Restaurant in Konikoni City during the day, after you have completed Mallow's Trial.
      • Go upstairs to talk to Mallow, then agree to fight her at Lush Forest.
      • Go to Lush Forest and talk to the Wimpod at the beginning to make her fight you.
  • Smug - Defeat Gladion before going to the Pokemon League.
  • Left-Handed - Defeat Ilima in Hau'oli City.
  • Passionate - Get a 50-win streak at the Battle Tree.
  • Idol - Win a Master Rank battle at the Battle Royal Dome.

pokemon sun and moon throwing style

Alright! You're well on your way to being a master trainer in Pokemon Sun and Moon! That's all for now about Throwing styles. Now you can enter every battle with style and show off your awesome skills! 

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Published Jul. 20th 2017

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