Shadow of the Colossus Will Feature a Photo Mode

Photo Mode for Shadow of the Colossus has been revealed. Here are the details on how it's gonna work and why you will want to use it.

In a recent blog post, Bluepoint Games revealed a photo mode for the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus remaster. The reason for this new feature is to allow players to see the world in a new perspective, capturing all the unique and memorable moments. 

This seems to be more than a simple photo mode attached to the game; the blog post discusses how this feature will allow you to have the same artistic control as someone who works in the art department for the game. Some of the photo aspects you can change include filters, coloring, mid-tones, highlights, depth of field, and even camera rotation for phone photos. One cool feature allows you to play the game while running some of the filters, making it a new way to view the game and unlock more opportunities within the environment. 

Below are a few pictures that Bluepoint Games captured with the photo mode, showing us the potential and opportunities:

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Published Jan. 22nd 2018

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