New Mode Revealed for Hyrule Warriors

All about the new game mode that's coming for Nintendo's latest exclusive, along with a couple of other additional features.

Hyrule Warriors will be getting a new game mode, along with a couple of fixes, in a Day 1 patch when it's released in North America later in September.

Announced at the Nintendo Treehouse event on Tuesday, the new "challenge mode" is a different take on adventure mode. Players will have endless levels to battle in, and the only limit is how far they can make it.

"Challenge mode" looks to be similar to endless or survival modes that are found in fighting or puzzle games. It gives players the full-fledged experience of the game without waddling through the story.

It was originally thought that the DLC content that was going to be released on the first day. The mode will instead come in a Day 1 patch, and IGN reports that it will include some other upgrades such as changing music and new weapons.

The patch will also include improvements to other features present in the Japanese version, which launched on August 14. Two other changes will be flexibility over music choices in the game, and the availability of new weapons.

Hyrule Warriors is developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja (the creators of Dynasty Warriors, which this game is based off of) and will be jointly published by Koei Temco and Nintendo. The game is due for release on September 26th on Wii U. What are your thoughts on the new game mode?

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Published Sep. 13th 2014

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