Colin Cowherd Freaks Out Over ESPN 2 Coverage of eSports

One of ESPN's most uncensored analysts, Colin Cowherd, bashes eSports.

Instead of World Series Poker, and PBA Bowling, ESPN 2 chose to cover a Heroes of the Storm tournament on Sunday night, pitting it against ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, and the exhilarating NBA playoffs. The program showed off a 2-hour tournament of college students going head to head, all fighting for enough money to pay off their college tuitions. 

It's normal for longtime viewers of the sports network to be a little surprised by the showing, even some of ESPN's own anchors were caught off guard. Robert Flores tweeted: 

And some viewers enjoyed the new form of sports brought to them:

But with video games unexpectedly being shown on a sports network, it's safe to say that there were many that bashed the coverage, and ESPN's own Colin Cowherd is one of those people.

Recently on his show, Cowherd ripped the so-called "nerds" apart, telling their mothers to lock them back in the basement, and saying that he would rather shoot himself than ever cover eSports. 

Although this sort of sport is much more different from those being normally shown on ESPN, was it fair for Cowherd to be so critical of the unique coverage? Recent statistics have shown increasing interest for eSports, and with the recent partnership of ESPN and Blizzard, eSports proves to be a big business with the likes of big time networks wanting a cut. 

For now, the world of eSports still seems like an unknown commodity for the rest of the world, especially the older generation who usually discredit any sort of competition surrounding video games. With that said, it's an exciting time to be an eSports fan. With an increasing amount of fans, even huge sports networks like ESPN want to be a part of the growth. It is only a matter of assimilating into modern sports culture now.


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Published Apr. 28th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    First of all, Cowherd has built his career around being an asshole, he uses shock value. So of course he is going to blow it way out of proportion, it's what he does.

    As for what I think of him, he's a dinosaur and we could care less what he thinks. They can all be as mad as they want about eSports. We're coming whether they like it or not, prepare yourself, but as Illidan says, "You are not prepared".
  • Victor Ren
    Him and Skip Bayless, a round of applause to them...

    All of the negativity comes from older generations. Acceptance will be more popular with time, just as desegregation was and gay rights will be. This is true especially with the strong backing eSports already has.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    It's a little ridiculous that someone would take such offense to the airing of an esport - it just sounds incredibly close-minded.

    The whole thing, honestly, makes me want to dig up whatever sports pundits had to say about NASCAR and motorsports getting onto TV.
  • Victor Ren
    Cowherd is always an annoying figure to listen to as he's usually really biased from the few times I have heard him. In my opinion, there is a lot more action to be seen in competitive MOBA game than a game of poker.

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