Exclusive War: Xbox One Has 2014, but PS4 Has 2015 and Beyond

It seems clear that at least in terms of exclusive software, the Xbox One has the edge in 2014, while the PS4 will rule 2015.

Before the PlayStation faithful lose their minds, let me remind them that I've been a fan of the brand since it existed.

On top of which, when this generation is over, I fully expect PS4 exclusives to once again be head-and-shoulders above Xbox One exclusives. It wasn't a very close race in either of the previous two generations (Xbox vs. PS2 and Xbox 360 vs. PS3), as Sony's first-party teams most often produced the exclusive software that continued to push the envelope in terms of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

However, for 2014, I'm willing to give the edge to the Xbox One. Perhaps it's more of a subjective analysis but even so, I imagine many gamers would agree right now.

Not impressed with what the PS4 will offer this year

Now that The Order: 1886 has been delayed until 2015, and we can't expect Uncharted 4: A Thief's End until next year, I don't care too much about the PS4's exclusive lineup for 2014. Honestly, I think I've already played the one I'll enjoy most; inFamous: Second Son, which was a ton 'o fun, but wasn't necessarily a shining example of what I'd deem "next-gen."

Driveclub is mildly interesting but it still seems to be too much of a social experience for me. In other words, if you're not playing with friends - or trying to top their best times, or whatever - it may not be quite as much fun. Besides, the only racers I tend to play are simulators like Gran Turismo. And speaking of sims, the Xbox One gets Forza Horizon 2 this year, while we'll probably have to wait until the end of 2015 to see Gran Turismo 7.

Then there's LittleBigPlanet 3, and while I'm convinced it'll be a legit Game of the Year contender, it's just not my thing. Besides, Media Molecule isn't in charge. I'm sure Sumo Digital can do a great job but to me, LBP is LBP because of MM (lots of initials there, I know). Planetside 2? Eh, not my thing, either. I suppose I'm probably most intrigued by the PSN-exclusive, digital-only titles at this point and to be honest, while I will always promote the originality and freshness we often find on the PSN, that's not why I bought the PS4.

Xbox One? Yeah, a little better

First and foremost, there's Sunset Overdrive, a game I've addressed before. I've always loved Insomniac's products (Resistance never got half the sales love it deserved) and that new IP looks like a rip-roaring good time. I've really loved everything I've seen and heard about the game, and I wish I had an Xbox One for it. If it's done correctly, I'm willing to bet that Sunset Overdrive could be one of the very best titles of 2014.

We already got Titanfall, which, while perhaps falling slightly shy of expectations, is still a great game. There's also the aforementioned Forza Horizon 2 and Fable Legends; I enjoyed the original Fable and I played about half of the second game, but I've always wanted to dive deeper into the franchise. These games give the Xbox One the edge, not only in terms of personal opinion, but also because I think these titles will be a little better than what Sony has to offer this year.

But in 2015...yeah, the PS4 is primed for an amazing year

Not only will we get the new Uncharted - which could be the best game of 2015, bar none - but we'll also see The Order: 1886BloodborneNo Man's Sky, and quite possibly a new God of War and Gran Turismo. There's also the mysterious new project from Guerrilla Games (supposedly an RPG), and Quantic Dream has yet to kick in with The Dark Sorcerer. Neither of the two latter games are likely to arrive in 2015, but they add to the appeal of the PS4 down the road.

Sony's first-party studios have no equal in the world of video games, as far as I'm concerned, and that superiority will become more evident as the generation rolls on. I am aware that Halo 5: Guardians is set for the end of 2015 but I mean, come on...another Halo? Snooze.

Still considering getting an Xbox One just for Sunset Overdrive, though...

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Published Jun. 23rd 2014
  • gueset
    LOL . Pretty funny uncharted isnt out until 2016. Sunset Overdrive was a pretty solid game and we are getting halo 5. ps4 continues to be a joke
  • GoonieGooGoo_1467
    Hmmm....now that THE ORDER: 1886 is getting tanked in early reviews (its problems were obvious in earlier playable demos)........Has Sony 1st Party devs lost their magic???

    Infamous was lackluster, Killzone was mediocre, LBP3 a shadow of the original, and now THE ORDER......
  • rob_6248
    Yep i also disagree. ive argued in the past that we need to distinguish consoles by exclusives and experiences rather than miniscule graphical differences.This is what stands nintendo apart. Ps4 and xbox one are very similar.

    It makes me laugh when people have to justify their purcase by going to digital foundry to see which pixel slips on which console. I wanted a ps4 for xmas but held off as there isnt any extra experience i can get from owning the console... yet.

    I see it like this i bought an xbox one and am still waiting for sony to bait me into buying ps4. If i'd have bought a PS4 first, i'D definately be jealous of the xbox one line up and would probably have forked out for one by now.
  • Close the door
    LMFAO what an absolutely awful author, how about you learn to actually address the Xbox one exclusives before belittling them, considering the fact that Microsoft has upped there first party studios more than ever before, expect more losses to come on the Patchstation 4, along with Sony's bankruptcy.
  • StarChildSwagg
    Everybody in the gaming world keeps talking about sales this graphics that, what you dimwits fail to realize is that if you go on any state/city craigslist or Amazon, those PS4 consoles that everybody keeps sucking on are up for sale or they are trading for what?? Xbox Ones!!!! There are so many frickin PS4s in pawnshops and internet sites it's crazy.

    Xbox One (being the baby of a computer frickin genius IE Bill gates) should be supporting 4k and having all types of crazy software. But just like when ppl start ranting about the PS3 being better than the 360 just because it was a FREE online gaming console it started to shadow the fact that Xbox Live and Xbox gameplay is and will always be far SUPERIOR than Sony....Gameplay over Graphics is the gaming world motto still right??? 1080p or 4k graphics won't make PS4 crap games turn gold. AND I OWN A PS3 AND PAWNED TWO 360s.

    We play games for the EXPERIENCE not the dang hardware specs. And now that the online MMO-esque gaming epidemic is flowing still. We now play games for the multiplayer instead of the campaign (COD, BF, GEARS)...No one can say that Xbox Live has ever been inferior to PSN.

    ($60 bucks per year vs Free, is the only argument you have? Really?? lol)

    Final Fantasy 15 , Dragon Age Inquisition, COD: AW, MK X, Killer Instinct and TC's The Division are the only XB1*/PS4 games that matter to me
  • Joesatmoes
    As much as I want a PS4 more than an Xbox (that's mainly because my friends and cousins play on it), I have to disagree. I think 2014 is for neither- Sunset has been changed to next year, and all the rest on both platforms are really nothing big. Really, Nintendo has 2014 more than either with Mario Kart and Smash.

    But in 2015, Sony has, in terms of CONFIRMED AAA EXCLUSIVES: Uncharted 4, the Order and Bloodborne*.
    Microsoft: Halo 5 (whether you like it or not, it still counts), Quantum Break, the aforementioned Sunset Overdrive

    *No Man's Sky is not confirmed exclusive- just a timed console exclusive: It's almost definitely coming to PC and maybe Xbox One itself.

    PS4: a Geurilla Games exclusive, God of War, the Last Guardian (but lord knows when that game will come out)
    Xbox One: Gears of War, a GOOD Rare game (Phil Spencer says he wants them to go back to their older style of games, which is usually business-speak for: it's already in development'), Crackdown 3, Phantom Dust, and Scalebound (the last 3 being confirmed as in, in development, but not confirmed for 2015 as far as I know)

    on a side note, I am not including any realistic racers on this list, because as Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation has said, from the time that gaming found ways to make cars go on a track, that was basically all the innovation that the racing genre would get (well, those aren't his exact words, but u get the jist of it). But the fact that DriveClub is free, I guess, is a bit of a plus.
  • Yuri_7856
    I disagree wholeheartedly. PS4 has only Uncharted 4 and Blodborne for 2015 in terms of big exclusives. No man's sky doesn't count as its a console exclusive at best. Xbox one has Halo 5 (like it or not, lots of ppl do), New Crackdown, Scalebound (Platinum can do no wrong so far), Quantum Break, Phantom Dust. Also Phil Spencer keeps mentioning that Gears is on the way, while we havent even recieved mention of the next GoW. Also none of the PS4 exclusives have multiplayer, hence no lasting appeal for me. Xbox wins 2015, and I am a Sony fan.
  • ShotgunForFun
    Problem is if we look at history... half the games will probably be pushed back to 2016 or even later. Oh, and we already know that they are all single player games that will likely only have 10 hours of play time before they are forgotten within the year. Sony lost all their exclusives after the PS2 and they just don't even care. Might of posted actual profits last year if they actually cared more about their gaming division.
  • NeoMahi
    A lot of console debuts mentioned by Sony at E3 will eventually make their way to Xbox One and we've just learned that Destiny exclusive content will eventually make it to Xbox One. Sony's very own Vice-President of Developer Relations had stated himself that whatever he sets out to do and who he seeks to find, nothing is meant to be exclusive to PlayStation that the developer doesn't want it to be. Guacamelee for example came from Sony's pub fund but, Microsoft will soon benefit from that. The studio got their jump and caught their break by Sony and other's will soon benefit from that.

    2015 could still be even bigger for Sony though they will need to pace themselves. History with PlayStation has shown that Sony divides up their studios to make sure that each year has a blockbusters always on the horizon. Don't expect Guerrilla's new game to hit the market in 2015 but rather in 2016. With the PlayStation 3, Guerrilla would release Killzone, and God of War would be in the same year, and then Uncharted would be the next year. Sony knows they need to pace themselves no matter how eager they are to get something out the door. Corey Barlog (God of War Co-Creator) is working on something, and speaking of God of War, David Jaffe has been off the radar for a while and moved himself back down to Southern California from Salt Lake City, Utah. So, there's a lot Sony hasn't mentioned.

    There is probably a lot of accuracy in what this article has stated. But, Sunset Overdrive hits Xbox One this year. It wouldn't surprise me to see Sunset Overdrive hit PlayStation before too long. The install base for Xbox One is still much to small and will likely trail PlayStation through the remainder of this console cycle. (True the same was said of the PS3 until it launched itself ahead of the 360). But, Insomniac is still adamant about retaining their own IP. What are they going to do with it? We're seeing what EXCLUSIVE really means coming from anything but a first-party developer. I'm the same, I thought about getting an Xbox One for Sunset Overdrive but, that's still $400 for just one game. It'll soon see PlayStation 4 in the same form but with additional content and under a new title because, lets face it. Insomniac is still a business and wants to make money.
  • Dimitris_1755
    2015 most likely will be Wii U year... PS4 has slightly better exclusives comparing against XB1 but in the end Wii U finally has some real classic games on schedule (personally I only find interesting quantum break and no man's sky for XB1 & PS4). The momentum is changing after the release of the first classic, MK8. It's like a deja vu with the 3DS where after the release of MarioKart and Mario the sales skyrocketed. Don't forget also that games like Mario Galaxy successor, starfox and Metroid will (probably) be revealed in the next year. I'm starting to believe that it's a Sony vs Nintendo battle. No offense to Xbox owners. I respect Xbox brand (I own a XB360) but I can't see how XB1 can change all this. Halo is not enough I think.
  • Michael Mc
    When reading these comments as a gamer I have both consoles and to be honest both Sony and Microsoft E3 press conferences where just not that great this year there was not much games that showed us actual game play we just saw a lot of CG footage, that for me does not show me how good or bad a game will be Ie: remember what we where promised with Watchdogs?. The games coming out in 2014 I can't say looked really all that, so I'm quite disappointed, as for all the games that where announced for 2015 I'm sure some of them will get delayed even further, so will just have to wait and see what games do come out next year, as so far its been delay after delay, i'm quite happy to wait if it means when the games do come out that they will be amazing, after all we as gamers are having to pay a bit more for our games now, so I would expect much more better looking games that are also great to play. As a gamer that has been playing games for many years I really want to start to see completely new games and not just sequels. and its really good for us gamers that we have choices of more than one console to purchase, as we have both Sony and Microsoft battling it out to get exclusive games or DLC on there console first , even if right now Sony may be selling a lot more consoles than Microsoft the fight is far from over.
  • Kenneth_7319
    Why do people act like Halo is the best game ever made. Every time someone mentions Xbox, Halo gets mentioned as well. It's a decent game, but I think they should move on. There's only so much you can do with one game series.
  • DaGeeZ_9473
    You said that ps4 will win 2015 and beyond... but, you don't show any games that will do this?!?!?!!? You have UC4 which will look great but have the same old lame QTE's and linear gameplay. But there's nothing else there in 2015... NOTHING. All the sony exclusives are crap apart from LOU.
    It's just delusional sonyfanboy wishful nonsense.
    The exclusives for Xbox Wons 2015 lineup already smash the ps4 exclusives into the ground. And you can bet your bottom dollar that now Phil Spencer is in charge 2016, 2017, 2018 onwards are going to be jam packed with stuff no one knows about yet.
    What a ridiculous article this is.
  • DigitalxAlchemist
    MS has huge games slated for 2015 Quantum Break, Fable, Halo5, Crackdown, Scalebound, D4 and Phantom Dust this game will blow ppl mind when it drops not many played the 1st game on ogxbox but for those who did like myself still play it 2day, its that beast!! myself and others have been pushing MS to bring it back and they finally did ....Also you can throw 2-3 more unannounced exclusives From MS studios or 2nd and 3rd party devs
  • Jent_3250
    As the others have already mentioned, your article seems to be using the lack of information about upcoming PS4 games as evidence for 2015. That is a horrible way to prove something. I agree with your statement that Microsoft has a stronger slate for this year, however it is pure speculation on your part about beyond this year. Both sides in this "war" have lots of exclusive they will offer.
  • Tha Truth
    The Xbox One hasn't won anything, a quick look at hardware sales should be proof enough of that. Exclusive games are system sellers and the fact that the PS4 has been selling like hotcakes while the Xbone has been sitting in store warehouses untouched for months on end should lead to the conclusion that, right now, the PS4 has FAR higher quality games available for it than the Xbox One. If Microsoft were so confident that their upcoming lineup would be enough to offset the difference then they wouldn't have had to desperately slash the price of the console by £100, would they?

    Sure, the second half of the year looks great, particularly Sunset Overdrive, however the PS4 has LBP 3 and Infamous: First Light still to come as well. This year is still anybodys game.

    2015 is already wrapped up though, Sony could release nothing but Uncharted 4 next year and still blow everything Microsoft has out of the water. The fact that they're releasing The Order, Bloodborne and a new Ratchet & Clank next year as well is just the icing on the victory cake.
  • Joesatmoes
    Price has been the only major 'system seller' for the PS4 so far, and the momentum of that is what is keeping it ahead now, with games like Infamous also boosting it a bit- more than the advertised-to-be-exclusive-but-really-not Titanfall.
  • Lawless1_4922
    I am disappointed with both Playstation's and Microsoft's E3 showing this year. I am an owner of both consoles and I do agree that Xbox has the edge this year. I however ( just my opinion) do not concur with the statement that Playstation will have better games in 2015. If you look at the list of games that Microsoft has to offer in 2015, along with the games that have yet to be announced, I would be remiss to say that one can not present a legitimate argument that is based on preference rather than fact. That argument will be germane. It is my opinion that one would simply have to wait until next year to declare a winner.
  • Benedictm
    Dude this list is a bit skewed towars PS4 :)
    Not mentioned a few announced XBone games but you have speculated on ps4 games that haven't been announced.
    I do agree with your main point - it just feels like the developer momentum is favouring ps4
  • DaGeeZ_9473
    Yeah it's a pretty poor article for sure.
    He's just scooping up advertising hits. This article certainly doesn't contain any substance.
  • Xbox Won 2014
    Forza Horizon 2 and Halo: Master Chief Collection will be the best games of 2014 for sure. Can't wait to play some Halo 2 Team Slayer 2004 style!
  • DaGeeZ_9473
    Yep agreed.
    I have 3 games on the list for this holiday season, in order of preference...
    - Forza Horizon 2(Forza Horizon just came out of nowhere and blew me away)
    - Halo: Master Chief Collection (MP is going to keep me going for 6months+!!!)
    - Sunset Overdrive (just looking like so much fun)

    Oh... and they just so happen to be XBOX WON exclusives :)
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I am definitely being sold on Sunset Overdrive with every new thing I hear about it...
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Me too. Insomniac is an elite dev in my eyes.
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