Have a Jump-Scary Fun Time Playing Hide and Shriek

Scare Strangers and Friends Alike in One-on-One Competitions

Steam has released a new 1v1 competitive game called Hide and Shriek, where players aim to out-jump scare each other. The Funcom game is out just in time for Halloween at a 20% discount that will last until November 1.

The basic story is this: two pranksters are sneaking around an empty school at night, trying to find and scare each other. There is a catch, however. Both players are invisible, adding an element of mystery to each match. You'll need to keep an eye out for strange noises and doors opening on their own.

You can explore eerie dark hallways and a variety of strange rooms while searching for your target and a place to set a nasty surprise using over thirty different spells.

Gameplay involves players setting and luring each other into traps that include creepy masks popping out of nowhere, electric shocks, and skeletons rising from the ground.

Matches last ten minutes each. Whichever player can get the most scare points is the winner. 

There's nothing like getting into the spirit of Halloween by scaring strangers and friends -- and this is the perfect game to do just that.

You can buy the game at Steam's Hide and Shriek store page.


Published Oct. 25th 2016

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