Superweek in the NA LCS sure was super

The League of Legends Championship series is in it's 9th week, and the matches are getting increasingly fierce by the day.

The NA LCS have never seemed more hectic as teams battle it out against each other for a spot in Regionals.Week nine of the NA LCS Summer Split will feature twenty games played over the course of three days. The matches that have taken place since Wednesday have been really exciting with teams such as Curse (CRS), Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Team Solo Mid (TSM), Cloud 9 (C9), Team Dignitas (Dig), Velocity Esports (VES), Team Coast (CST), and Vulcun (VUL). 

NA LCS Team Standings

Fans looked forward to Matches like Friday's CRS vs CLG match, which 52.42% of the community predicted that CLG was going to take win. Unfortunately, Curse proved the predictions wrong and won 21-10. Another Closely predicted match was fan favorite TSM vs C9. TSM were the underdogs in this matchup with  45.95% of the community predicting that they would win. Ultimately, TSM was defeated by C9 in a game of 31-11. 

What do you guys think about the NA LCS? Does NA have a shot at worlds this season? Which team do you think is the best candidate to represent NA?

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Published Aug. 17th 2013

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