10 Amazing Amplified Seeds to Build Your Epic Base on in Minecraft 1.12

Looking for some Amplified seeds to build you next amazing base? Look no further than this movie-inspired list for Minecraft 1.12!

There is something about the massive mountain ranges and rolling hills of amplified Minecraft seeds that really appeals to me. I'm not a particularly creative builder but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a good view.

So, to celebrate the best of the best of these seeds, here are 10 amazing amplified Minecraft 1.12 seeds, with this month's theme being inspired by movie titles.

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Seed: -1834604607
Spawn: 13, 87, 223 (plains)
Surrounding areas: swamplands, forest, plains

This seed has a stunning mountain range north of the spawn and a large flat area for building that overlooks some swampland to the west. There is also a village in the forest -- at coordinates -330, 91, 560 -- but it doesn't have a Smith. 

This would be perfect for building a sprawling castle or fortress with connections to the various peaks and spires in the area.


Seed: 2137308494
Spawn: -163, 85, 261 (taiga)
Surrounding areas: taiga, plains, extreme hills

To the north, east, and south of this seed are these amazing mountains pictured above. To the west, there is a plains area and a small village -- at coordinates -356, 82, 105 -- tucked away under a cliff. Sadly, there is no Smith in this village, but there are tons of amazing vistas and scenery for building sprawling fortresses. 


Seed: -1877255828
Spawn: 3, 68, 193 (plains)
Surrounding areas: beach, plains, ocean

This is a great Minecraft 1.12 seed if you're looking for a lot of smaller landmasses with plenty of ocean surrounding them. Going east from the spawn, you reach the forested island pictured above, which has a stunning view of a few other biomes. 


Seed: -41817467
Spawn: -258, 89, 255 (forest)
Surrounding areas: forest, plains, extreme hills

"I'm...Ron...Burgundy?" This seed has a really nice starting area with lots of trees and hills but after a bit of a trek -- at coordinates -1484, 107, -441 -- I found the area in the picture above. This would make for quite the epic base location given this natural mesa and the sweet stripes running through it.


Seed: 1316888541
Spawn: 32, 134, 258 (plains)
Surrounding areas: plains, forest, desert hills

This is the Minecraft seed you are looking for. While not exactly the sand dunes of Tatooine, there is a great desert hills area to the west of the spawn that would be perfect for an aspiring moisture farmer*.

*Sand Raiders and wizened Jedi mentor sold separately. 


Seed: 114707
Spawn: -11, 224, 238 (forest)
Surrounding areas: forest, roofed forest, river

"Thunder buddies for life!" This is quite the elevated seed with the area pictured above being northeast of the spawn point. With the numerous waterfalls and roofed forests in this Minecraft 1.12 seed, this is a great place to build your fortress.


Seed: 745998442
Spawn: 234, 93, 257 (plains)
Surrounding areas: plains, desert, savanna

"Give 'em the old razzle-dazzle..." This seed spawns you just a bit north of this awesome savanna that overlooks two other biomes. For the adventurous there is a desert temple at coordinates -606, 65, 378, which has the following loot:

  • 19 bones
  • 1 golden apple
  • 5 gold ingots
  • 11 rotting flesh
  • 9 string
  • Fire Aspect II enchanted book

Make sure not to trigger that pressure plate trap, though!


Seed: -1937981669
Spawn: -76, 125, 247 (forest)
Surrounding areas: forest, ocean, plains

This beautiful picture above comes from the spawn of this seed. As you can see, there are plenty of beaches and hills to perch your base on. If you're willing to go on a trek, you'll find a village at coordinates 41, 83, 1360 that has a Smith. Sadly, there is only 2 loaves of bread, 3 saplings, and an iron horse armor in his chest.


Seed: -392329967
Spawn: 226, 100, 226 (plains)
Surrounding areas: plains, swamplands

"Oh, this Twinkie thing, it ain't over yet." This is a great seed as there is a village literally behind the player on spawn. The village has a Smith and his chest contains the following:

  • Iron helmet
  • 2 iron ingots
  • Gold horse armor

Aside from that, there are a number of plateaus for you to build a base on. You could even do it near the village and lord your might over them.


Seed: 1316815094
Spawn: -231, 84, 254 (taiga, hills)
Surrounding areas: taiga hills, taiga, river

"Damnit, man! I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" This seed is another great one for aesthetic views with the spawn being surrounded by hills and a forest with rivers running through it. If we take quite a "Trek" to coordinates -1170, 63, 645, we find a village on the water, with sadly, no Smith. The sights from there are spectacular, however, and would make for a most logical place to build in.

Hopefully, you've found a few new seeds to quench your thirst for beautiful vistas to construct your creations. If you're still hungry for more, why not check out some of these other great Minecraft seeds articles: