Not everyone is an Overwatch master. But by looking at these channels, you can kiss your noob days goodbye!

10 YouTube Channels To Watch You Want To Excel In Overwatch!

Not everyone is an Overwatch master. But by looking at these channels, you can kiss your noob days goodbye!

Overwatch became a sensation upon its release back in May of 2016, and was even highly respected back when the Beta was released — gaining a large following even before the full release of the game. Sadly, not everyone who plays Overwatch is a professional, and could use some hints and tips on how to improve their skills on the game.

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Luckily for us, the YouTube community had given us a chance to expand our skillset, while giving us hints on how to choose mains, and when to use our ultimate to get “Play of the Game!”

But who are these YouTubers?

10. Unit Lost – Great British Gaming

Unit Lost is a fairly new YouTuber who gives extra hints and tips for beginner players who want to start Overwatch. If you are searching for someone who gives great advice on characters, along with strategies, and just tips on playing in general, then check out Unit Lost!

9. Overwatch Central

Overwatch Central is a channel based solely around Overwatch, and has more than one member on the channel. Most of the time, Overwatch Central lays out the map and tells you which areas are good for Attack and Defend, while also showing some some placements for teammates.

If you are interested about learning the map inside and out (and trust me, it will help a whole lot), then give Overwatch Central a look!

8. Videogamedunkey

While Dunkey is more of a comical YouTuber, his Overwatch videos actually showcase the skill that Dunkey has towards competitive mode. Whether playing Hanzo, Tracer or even Roadhog (When Dunkey actually plays instead of just… Sitting there…), everyone could learn a thing or two while watching his videos.

7. Overwatch Moments

Overwatch Moments is a channel on YouTube that takes the best highlights from gamers, and places them into a collection to showcase the players. Now, while there aren’t any spoken words, the “Best Moments” series is something Overwatch players should view before going into the game, to attempt new strategies and combos.

6. Your Overwatch

Your Overwatch is a channel that Overwatch players should view when they want to try out a new character. The channel hosts give in depth character guides, advice on how to play and explains the game just a bit to new players. If you would want to increase your skills by choosing more mains, then check out Your Overwatch for character guides to help you choose!

5. Asal

Asal isn’t the most known YouTuber out there, but does have a fairly large amount of subscribers and viewers. Asal gives little cheat hints on how to play better, how to level up faster, while also going in depth with those by explaining the concept behind them, such as how to level up faster.

4. FantasticalGamer

While combining lists and humor, FantasticalGamer showcases some of the best abilities, heroes, ultimates, and pretty much everything in Overwatch that has a list, while also talking about certain things heroes can do against other heroes. Recommended for players who want to learn more of the abilities and weaknesses against other heroes!

3. Dorkly

Dorkly isn’t much of an advice channel for Overwatch, but does give players some secrets and important knowledge about character lore. While learning about your character is something to strengthen you, learning about backstories and the lore of the game can help increase your knowledge of the Overwatch universe, while also making you see who has been through what. Dorkly is recommended for those who would like to expand their knowledge on the Overwatch Universe.

2. Protatomonster

Protatomonster is another channel on YouTube that showcases amazing plays found in Overwatch, showing off some of the amazing combos, abilities and ultimates used to either win or break a game. These videos do show players that if you have a chance to wipe out an entire team, to go for it without stopping.

1. The Leaderboard

Mostly known for their 107 Facts series on YouTube, The Leaderboard explains the lore of Overwatch, while showing off some tips and tricks to increasing your play skill, and basic stuff about which character overpowers another character. The Leaderboard deserves their number one spot, and is recommended for not just Overwatch players, but gamers in general!

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