EVE may not have the biggest streaming community, but it still has some awesome streamers you need to be paying attention to.

5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

EVE may not have the biggest streaming community, but it still has some awesome streamers you need to be paying attention to.
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Usually what people would like to do with the game is to play it. Why should we even waste time watching others playing?

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In a lot of cases — my answer would be: forget it. Forget Twitch. Go and play the game, learn the mechanics, listen to good advice and at some point you have a fighting chance of not completely sucking at the game.

With EVE Online there is one good reason to spend time on twitch and take a look at others playing. Actually two reasons. Both of them completely different, and both good enough reasons to to soak into the streams of the commanders who really knows EVE business.

Before I tell you why you should watch EVE streams, let’s get to the who you should watch first.

Let’s take a look on 5 EVE Streamers who will give you everything you would expect to feed your knowledge reserves


The best feature of Daopa’s streams is lack of any commentary. At least when I was watching, I didn’t hear any.

This is certainly giving an opportunity to immerse in the game play without any other disturbance.

Daopa is also very skilled and it is a huge pleasure to watch him. He is is also active on chat and happy to explain what and when he is doing what he is doing.

It borders on an almost transcendental experience — to watch EVE exactly as it should be played. With only the sounds of the emptiness of the Universe, and a skilled player going through NPC missions, exploring, or fighting.

Watch live video from Daopa on www.twitch.tv


ZarvoxToral is very vocal, and has no issue with some swearing during his streaming — his channel is rated as being for mature audiences.

Zarvox is very active, streaming very often. He is rarely running any sort of boring, long haul missions. So when watching this channel expect good fun, a lot of good fights and good banter.

He is also happy to give viewers very in-depth explanations to all the things he is doing on the screen.

Watch live video from ZarvoxToral on www.twitch.tv


BjornBee is a very entertaining streamer, and could be good to watch for new players as mostly BjornBee is playing with cheap ships — easy to reach by someone, who is not very deep into the game.

Bjorn is also very chatty and has no issues with casual swearing but what can I say? EVE is not so much a game for non-mature gamers. I guess not too many would be offended!

There is very dynamic content and a lot of visually good fights. All in all a decent package of EVE excitement to watch.

Watch live video from BjornBee on www.twitch.tv


With an amazing personality and very decent fighting skills, this is Fintarue.

It is a shame that due to work commitments his streams are not regular. It is good to catch him from time to time though as he is known for playing rather cheap ships, showing off fighting skills.

There is tonnes of good knowledge for people who are starting to advance in EVE here.

Watch live video from Fintarue on www.twitch.tv


Last but not least.

Suitonia is a very skilled player, but mostly focuses on one type of ship: The Kestrel. This very specific choice is a heavy missile boat and even though it is rather cheap, it does require some specific skills to master.

Suitonia as a very calm voice, and a lot of good explanations and comments. All in all good entertainment is guaranteed.

Watch live video from suitonia on www.twitch.tv

EVE is certainly not the most streamed of games on Twitch — EVE gameplay is generally only exciting to someone who is engaged with the game.

The above Streamers certainly show that EVE can be a pleasure to observe and spend time watching on Twitch. Twitch it is also one of the best sources to learn how to stay alive in the very cold and ruthless outside world of space.

But, why should you actually watch the game on Twitch and not play by learning? Not only will it save stress, and rage, but there are two main reasons.

Reason One – Learning Curve

Obviously! This is EVE my friends — no prisoners will be taken. Therefore, as advised by so many people playing this game — use your time and take a look how it should be done to spare yourself… let’s say 25% of your stress and frustration.

Reason Two – Aesthetic Sensations

EVE Online is potentially the most beautiful and breathtaking space game on the market. You could spend hours just flying around and watch another planets, stars and nebulas. 

Because of how this game intensive is, most of the time sightseeing would finish with your sudden death. Therefore staying safe on Twitch can be rather valid option. Especially that Streamers I am going to introduce are professionals — they know where to go to see beauty of the game.

If you know more good EVE Streamers — let us know and we will update the list.

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